Erik Voorhees lashes ‘disgusting’ habits of Bitcoin Maxis: ‘Not the community I come from’

Erik Voorhees is humiliated by poisonous Bitcoin maxis and informed a podcast: “I don’t know when they got into Bitcoin, but absolutely that is not the community that I come from in Bitcoin.”

Erik Voorhees lashes ‘disgusting’ behavior of Bitcoin Maxis: ‘Not the community I come from’

Erik Voorhees, the creator and CEO of ShapeShift, has actually exposed in a podcast that he felt ashamed and disgusted by the habits of Bitcoin maximalists at the 2021 Bitcoin conference inMiami

A Bitcoin OG who can see some benefit in altcoins, Voorhees spoke on a panel throughout day 2 of the Miami conference inJune He triggered a stir when he stated “Did I hear someone on that prior panel say ‘If you’re against toxic maximalism, you’re against Bitcoin and you’re against freedom?’… Yeah, that’s some bullshit.”

The ShapeShift CEO broadened on those remarks in a July 27 interview on the Unchained Podcast hosted by reporterLaura Shin The 35-year-old knocked Bitcoiners who think that poisonous habits such as trashing supporters of other cryptocurrencies is an advantage for BTC:

“They’ve spun themselves up into thinking that trashing these people is a virtue and it’s helping Bitcoin. Frankly, I think it’s just kind of disgusting and I was embarrassed.”

He included: “These people were on stage talking about the virtues of toxic maximalism. I don’t know when they got into Bitcoin, but absolutely that is not the community that I come from in Bitcoin.”

Vorhees has spoken out before against toxic maximalism, but told Shin that the Miami conference was the first Bitcoin conference he’s been to in which he was “embarrassed about the people who were there.”

He mentioned that if there is a real opponent to Bitcoin and toBitcoin maxis, it is “central banks, banking and fiat currency” and not the “Dogecoin community or Ethereum community.”

ShapeShift is a noncustodial crypto exchange ran out of Denver and headquartered inSwitzerland The platform revealed a complete combination with cross-chain DEX THORChain in April which allowed direct trading of Bitcoin, Ether, andLitecoin However, THORChain has actually suffered 2 multi-million dollar breaches from hackers this month, together with a 3rd more small breach.

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Cointelegraph reported on July 16 that Thorchain came to a stop after a hacker took $7.6 million worth of crypto possessions, and recently an obvious white hat hacker took $8 million worth of ETH.

Voorhees yielded the exploits reveal that ThorChain still has a long method to go, however the truth that it can offer a DEX that is chain-agnostic is a “huge development for the industry.”

“THORChain is very new early software and they’ve had a few pretty atrocious bugs recently. Right now the chain is offline. So it’s not a panacea and it’s not ready for prime time, but it works. It works with real money and it’s out in the wild getting better and better each week.”


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