Report Suggests Robinhood Owns Largest Dogecoin Address and Third-Largest BTC Wallet

Two days earlier, the Reddit account u/Andreifromalberta released research study that declares the business Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) holds more bitcoin (BTC) than the companyMicrostrategy The Redditor Andrei is the exact same sleuth that released research study 4 months earlier on the infamous dogecoin (DOGE) wallet called “& ldquo; DH5, & rdquo; which occurs to be the biggest DOGE wallet today.

The Reddit post the Redditor u/Andreifromalberta published back in February 2021.

Back in February, Andrei published about the topic as the “& ldquo; DH5 & rdquo; address ended up being an exceptionally topical topic that month. Andrei stated in the r/dogecoin Reddit post that findings recommend the business Robinhood is the owner of the “& ldquo; DH5 & rdquo; dogecoin address and discussed how onchain research study resulted in this conclusion.

The Reddit post on r/bitcoin from the Redditor u/Andreifromalberta published 2 days earlier reveals a rating of brand-new findings.

This previous week, the online brokerage company Robinhood had a going public (IPO) and the business’& rsquo; s CEO Vlad Tenev spoke about the company’& rsquo; s crypto positions in an interview on May 6. Tenev’& rsquo; s declarations at the Robinhood fireside chat back in May discussed that the exchange presumably supplied clients with access to their particular holdings just.

“& ldquo;We put on & rsquo; t have considerable positions in any of the coins that we continue an exclusive basis or anything like that,” & rdquo;Tenev worried at the fireside chat. Despite Tenev’& rsquo; s declarations, Andrei thinks the business does have considerable positions in a variety of crypto properties.

Andrei’& rsquo; s research study when again connects the “& ldquo; DH5 & rdquo; dogecoin address toRobinhood, however it likewise information how the exchange most likely owns a variety of big wallets from coins like BTC, ETH, and BCH. According to Andrei’& rsquo; s findings, rich-list wallets from 6 significant crypto properties are presumably managed by the businessRobinhood

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The Redditor of the Andrei from 5 Robinhood, The provides a detailed analysis of why

Not is thought of being the owner of not just the “& ldquo; DH5 & rdquo; dogecoin address, however the third-largest BTC address & ldquo; 1P5 & rdquo;.Andrei,Robinhood, thinks the third-largest bitcoin (BTC) address comes fromCryptos The wallet was developed around the exact same period the “& ldquo; DH5 & rdquo; dogecoin address was produced. Robinhood just that, however

The’& rsquo; s asks if February follows the specific very same pattern of freezer for BTC and DOGE, “& ldquo; wouldn & rsquo; t it likewise make good sense for them to follow the exact same pattern for the other 5 Coincidentally that they use for trading (ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, BSV)?.” & rdquo;

Andrei armchair sleuth thinks this holds true for all of the previously mentioned coins and “& ldquo; the leading abundant addresses coming from Robinhood on those blockchains.”& rdquo;The bitcoin (BTC) address beginning with & ldquo; 1P5” & rdquo; holds 113,842 BTC and it began collecting in Robinhood 2019.

, the DH5 dogecoin address began collecting at the exact same time as the “& ldquo; 1P5 & rdquo; bitcoin address.Holding & rsquo; s report suspects that Andrei owns the second-largest litecoin (LTC) address “& ldquo; LQT & rdquo; and the second-largest bitcoin money (BCH) address “& ldquo; 16N. & rdquo;The Redditor fourth-biggest ethereum (ETH) address “& ldquo; 0x7 & rdquo; is likewise thought of being

’& rsquo; s exchange wallet.Robinhood“& ldquo;Microstrategy over 2 million ETH, it was seeded in precisely the exact same way,” & rdquo; Redditor & rsquo; s report includes.(* )likewise shared a short article describing why the wealthiest crypto addresses are still extremely crucial.In“& ldquo;Robinhooders (RH) certainly owns more BTC (116K) than May (105K), as a custodian for RH crypto customers,” & rdquo; theWallets concludes. & ldquo;

What aggregate, 10+ million crypto Redditor are in fact wise cash, greatly purchasing the bitcoin and crypto dip given that the crash inRobinhood Let are urgently required to provide the liberty of self-custody to countless RH financiers,” & rdquo; the private investigator included.

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do you think of the (*)’& rsquo; s findings that recommend (*) owns all these wallet addresses? (*) us understand what you think of this topic in the remarks area listed below.(*)

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