Curpay’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Protects Your Assets

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Crypto Markets are ever-shifting and severe volatility is at the top of the list of issues. Solution: CurPay, an innovation business committed to offering worth to individuals in the cryptoverse utilizing fully grown AI innovations.

CurPay’s flagship “Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)™ ” is a patent-pending technology whose primary objective is keeping your assets safe from volatility. Not only does Curpay provide 24/7 protection from market volatility, it also takes advantage of the volatility to allow your assets to flow with the market to make profit. CurPay has been designed with all users in mind, and this technology is accessible through an easy-to-use site with clear instructions. Most importantly, CurPay is API driven; your money never leaves your possession from the connected exchange.

Make no mistake. AVP is not a bot. This impressive tech is a sophisticated AI trading assistant.


As “the world’s most advanced but simple to use Artificial Intelligence trading software,” AVP’s innovation has a deep history. Its effective science was when rooted in software application for gamer matching for computer game betting in the early 2000s. It has actually progressed throughout the years, getting in the early days of crypto. Now it has actually become among the future’s most appealing innovations. AVP is seeking to offer a brand-new method to protect cryptocurrency properties, even with their volatility, while developing chances for earnings.

Over the years complicated self-learning systems have actually been at the heart of AI. We have actually all become aware of AI in one method or another. For example, you might have become aware of strong AI innovation beating world champs at parlor game and esports. Games aren’t the only arena that expert system has actually transformed. AI has actually enabled developments in vaccine advancement, automated driving and quantum computing.

Artificial Intelligence has the innate ability to learn from each and every trade and only gets better as its life cycle continues.”

You can discover a terrific example of this in chess. AlphaZero taught itself chess and cleaned the flooring versus the greatest supercomputers. Rather than simply raw estimations that supercomputers do, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to gain from simulations, self-altering to satisfy the requirements of the issue. The innovation is extraordinary and will just even more the advancement of the trading area as it has actually currently performed in several fields.

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Bots, presently a market requirement, by contrast can’t acknowledge succeeding losses from bad trades, can’t adjust, and just utilize a repaired set of guidelines and algorithms. That is why they are restricted to pick cryptocurrencies. Bots struggle with a wide range of other issues that come from needing to have human interaction in the method of programs. AVP AI innovation gain from each and every experience to yield much better outcomes and is much more versatile than bots. This enables it to manage any trading set.

AVP’s automatic innovation offers versatility for both B2C and B2B:

  • B2C— AVP Learning Ability, Handling of Mass Data, Non Emotional Trades, Effective in handling Volatility, Advanced Trading Strategies, and Correction Protection, simply among others. AVP provides you more control and trading functions than trading on an exchange alone.
  • B2B— Custom company options for Merchants, Exchanges, Miners, Banks andInstitutional Investors AVP has limitless options to satisfy your requirements, enabling you to handle and safeguard your crypto properties.


CurPay AVP’s innovation offers the following:

  1. Automated Volatility Protection – Trades cryptocurrency to fiat or stablecoin of the users option on the linked exchange to safeguard your properties.
  2. Money Management Strategies – Multiple techniques from purchasing, selling, collecting, or holding. CurPay has a method to fit your threat tolerance and assist you satisfy your objectives.
  3. Manual Trade with AI – Trade together with AVP or let AVP do all the work. Choose to have AVP take control of your manual trades or not.
  4. Trading Indicators – VWAP, RSI, EMAs, and Bollinger bands. See trading sets off and choices the AI is making in genuine time.
  5. Easy- to-use Exchange Setup – With clear tutorials, CurPay quickly establishes with a wide range of exchanges. You can establish in minutes.
  6. Flexibility and Execution – AVP provides you many alternatives to tailor your trade settings, and trades get performed on the exchange practically quickly. This provides every user the exact same software application power as the huge banks.
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We are just touching the surface area of what CurPay’s capability is and the control it enables you in any of the above usage cases.

Customer service and enhancing the item is CurPay’s leading concern. CurPay is a nimble group who are figured out to move quickly and drive the adoption of cryptocurrency throughout the world.

If you desire a brand-new method to safeguard your properties and get a taste of the power of AI, then CurPay is absolutely an application to experiment with.

For more thorough details make certain to tune into the CurPay Crew on the CrytpoNews Podcast on August 9th, 2021.

Or dive over to CurPayTrade and for comprehensive details.

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