How to make quick profit from trading on the Binance exchange using trading signals from the Telegram channel

This article is about how to quickly increase income with digital assets. Earnings on investments in cryptocurrency are the most profitable in the last year. This is the minimum risk and, with the right strategy, constant, high earnings, no losses. Moreover, those people who are now actively interested in cryptocurrency and trade on the Binance exchange can very soon increase their capital several times.

Greetings to all crypto-investors, if you were interested in earning money on cryptocurrency trading, then I will tell you a secret, most of the profit comes from trading on cryptocurrency pump signals. In simple terms, when you have insider information about coins that will “take profit quickly”, then you buy the desired cryptocurrency and expect this rapid price increase, sell the digital token and take profits. This is how it should work, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, this article will tell you how and where to get information about upcoming pumps on Binance and how to make money from this insider information.

Where can I find insider information about cryptocurrency pumps?

 All insider information is in the Telegram channel Crypto pump signals for Binance. First you need to subscribe and explore this public channel, in which you can receive reports on current events on the exchange for free. What exactly will you find in a public channel and how to use it? Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s say you subscribed to the public channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance” and don’t understand what kind of charts are published in it. Now I’ll tell you. The basis of the content of the Telegram channel is the publication of screenshots, which show the charts of the coins in which the subscribers of the VIP channel invested and earned on pump trading signals. In the screenshots, you can see one or more pumps, that is, sharp price jumps, these same jumps in the value of digital tokens are shown by high green candles.

After each chart, information is published on the amount of profit received by subscribers of the VIP channel in percent, as well as the currency pair, the time period for which this pump took place from the moment the signal was published in the VIP channel, and the number of the target reached.

Next, there is a screenshot from the VIP channel itself, which is proven to be “signal honesty”, it is very easy to check it. On this publication you can find the time at which this signal was posted. Go to the Binance exchange, this is where all the work takes place, and check the start time of the pump and the time the signal was published. Of course, insider information is published before the pump happens. Therefore, subscribers of the VIP channel successfully earn on it.

In addition, every 24 hours statistics are published on the profit received as a result of trading with the help of “pump signals”. Usually, over the past 24 hours, VIP channel subscribers earn from 100 to 300% of the profit from the trade entry price based on trading signals (meaning the total profit from all coins that participated in the pump over the past 24 hours). It is for full-fledged earnings that the VIP channel exists, if you came to this area for real earnings, you need to get there at any cost.

Now you understand how the public and VIP channels of the “Crypto pump signals for Binance” team work. The public channel publishes evidence of the honest work of the investor team on cryptocurrency pump signals. The main work takes place in the VIP channel, this is where subscribers earn money, information about coins is also published, in what range you need to buy them and at what prices you need to sell, but we’ll talk about that later.

How to use the VIP Telegram channel for trading with pump signals?

You have learned how to analyze information in a public channel, now you need to familiarize yourself with the VIP channel.

The essence of the work is very simple, you join this channel and get insider information, namely, which coin the “Crypto pump signals for Binance” team of traders will work with. Let’s look at a clear work plan.

Let’s analyze a specific example of a trading signal from November 15th. So, you receive a notification, and you see a signal about the upcoming cryptocurrency pump on Binance.

First, let’s go through the conventions:

The first thing we see is the name of the Telegram channel, nothing needs to be said here.

Next, #POLY/BTC (Binance) – This line should be read like this, POLY/BTC, the currency pair in which the work will be carried out, the team of traders will pump this coin paired with BTC, which means you need to buy the POLY token. I think everyone understands that Binance is the exchange that has this coin. For your convenience, a direct link to this trading pair is placed in the word Binance.

Buy zone: 1096-1125, this is the price range in which you need to buy a coin within this signal, this is the price that guarantees profit after reaching the first target.

Of the main widgets, the last one remains: target 1-5, these are the targets of the coin pump, upon reaching which it is recommended to sell a digital token, for example, if you are a fan of quick profits, you can sell all pre-purchased coins at the values of 1 target in the trading signal. If you are willing to wait to earn more, place sell orders on the following targets and wait.

And here is the result of a successfully completed pump on the chart, in this example, three targets were achieved in less than 1 hour. VIP subscribers earned 18% profit on this, of course, you can achieve the same results.

Now let’s move on to a clear trading plan: you see a signal, buy a coin based on the specified price range and place sell orders, everything is very simple.

Now you understand how to work with the VIP Telegram channel. The closed channel in Telegram is intended for those people who want to regularly record real profits. The income of VIP subscribers is much higher than that of ordinary traders who do not have such insider information. In addition to a stable income, you will gain new knowledge, real experience in trading on the most popular Binance exchange. In addition, the “Crypto pump signals for Binance” channel provides a number of promotional offers for the most active participants, let’s get acquainted with them.

Of course, a VIP subscription costs money, if you are an active person, then you can get a solid discount on any type of subscription, or even win it for free, these promotions are made specifically for the active part of the channel’s audience.

So, to get a personal discount, you need to bring your friends to a free Telegram channel, for one attracted friend you get a 2% discount, for this, just send a list of your referrals to the channel administrator and “the discount is in your pocket”, but remember, that the cost of a subscription, taking into account the discount, cannot be less than 50%.

A free VIP subscription is drawn every week, in order to get a chance to win it, you need to invite your friend to the Crypto pump signals for Binance channel and send his name to Telegram to the administrator’s address, the automatic system will check for a subscriber and your account will automatically take part in the draw. 3 winners are randomly selected every week.

Now you know what these Telegram channels are for from the team of Crypto pump signals for Binance traders, learned how to use them and earn money on pump signals, as well as how to get a discount on a VIP subscription, because it is with it and only with it that you can get high profit margins on cryptocurrency trading. If you are still considering whether to join the VIP channel, you can read the reviews, each subscriber is satisfied, because nowhere else is such reliable and exclusive information published as in the Crypto pump signals for Binance VIP channel. This team of traders also has a Youtube channel where you can see several educational videos with instructions on how to make money using information about the upcoming cryptocurrency pump on Binance!

Every trader who trades cryptocurrency on the Binance, in order to make a profit, wants to buy coins at a lower price and sell them at a higher price as soon as possible.

Everyone knows that pumps (artificial pumping of the value of the cryptocurrency) often occur on the exchange, after which there is a sharp decrease in the value of coins (dump). This happens as a result of the sale of a huge amount of coins in a short period of time (no more than 2-5 minutes).

The organizers of the pump own a huge amount of money and therefore buy coins in advance at a low cost and, through trading manipulation, increase the demand for buying coins and at some point cause a sharp increase in the value of the chosen cryptocurrency. When the price of the coin chosen for the pump increases to the planned value, then it begins to sell quickly and the organizers of the pump make huge profits.

For all subscribers of this community Crypto Pump Signals for Binance, every day 1-2 free trading signals is published to buy coins in advance at a reduced cost. Recommended to buy price of the coin at the time of the onset of the pump are also indicated and which the organizers of the pump plan to achieve. Also the prices are indicated at which you need to sell the coin in order to make a profit before the massive dump occurs.

For whom one free signal for trading on Binance a day is not enough, there is a special Premium class Telegram channel, in which from 3 to 10 signals to buy coins are published daily before the upcoming Pump in their value. There also provides reports on the achievement of goals for previously published signals for community members “Crypto Pump Signals for the Binance VIP Community.” Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe to the premium channel and receive up-to-date information in order to get even more profit several times a day!

crypto pump signals subscription with discount

Skeptics and greedy people don’t take advantage of inside information, so they don’t get anything! Smart traders who have joined the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance community and purchased a Premium Channel subscription have long been making fantastic profits from cryptocurrency pump trading signals from this community.

A more detailed article on how to find and use information about the upcoming cryptocurrency pump is in the “Analytics” section. We wish you to quickly multiply your capital using insider information about pumps on the Binance exchange!