BTC/USD Slumps Below Technical Support Levels: Sally Ho’s Technical Analysis 19 November 2021 BTC

BTC/USD Slumps Below Technical Support Levels:  Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 19 November 2021 BTC

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) was forced early in the Asian session as both diminished to the 57229.68 degree after trading as high as the 60977.21 location throughout the other day’& rsquo; s Asian session, with the interday high standing for a examination of the 50% retracement of the valuing variety from 57653.88 to 64300 (*19 * ) were chosen below the 59222.36 and also 59076.15 locations, standing for the 76.4%(* )and also 78.6 %retracements of the exact same valuing variety marketing stressStrong arised previously today after traded asBTC/USD high as the 66339.90 degree , standing for a examination of the 23.6 % retracement of the valuing variety from 57653.88 to 69000 .(*

*)19 were chosen below numerous retracement degrees and also locations of possible technical support throughout the pullback , consisting of the 65430 , 64562 , 63515 ,(* )63221 , 61985, 61436, 60436, 59652,  and also 58887 degrees . bulls stay concentrated on theBTC/USD psychologically-important 70000 number . both & rsquo; s current volatilityFollowing, disadvantage retracement degrees and also locations of possible technical support consist of the 57443 , 57110,  56971 , and also 56682 degrees are observing that the  50-bar MA (4-hourly)Traders is  bearishly showing below the 100-bar MA (4-hourly) and also  over  the  200-bar MA (4-hourly).   , the 50-bar MA (per hour)Also is bearishly showing below the 200-bar MA (per hour) and also below the 100-bar MA (per hour) task is nearby the  200-bar MA

Price ( 4-hourly) at 62519.11 and also the  50-bar MA () at 59777.31Hourly  is anticipated about 

Technical Support 53997.15/ 51245.86/ 49022.22  with (* *) anticipated below.19 is anticipated about  69000/ 69449.40/ 77565.60

Technical Resistance with (* *) anticipated above.  19  4-

On graph,  SlowK Hourly is below SlowD while  Bearishly MACD is below MACDAverage. Bearishly 60-minute

On graph,  SlowK is below SlowD while Bearishly MACD is  below MACDAverage                                                                                                                                               Bearishly :

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