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Crypto Opinion with Mike Ermolaev: Legathum's Deibson Silva on Leaving Humanity’s Legacy in the Metaverse for Future Generations Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Head of PUBLIC RELATIONS at ChangeNOW, Mike Ermolaev, took a seat with CEO of Legathum Deibson Silva to talk about the introducing metaverse task that intends to protect long-lasting memories to enlighten existing as well as future generations. In enhancement, the discussion covered We b3’s intense future as well as the emotional elements of metaverse communication.

Avatars with Artificial Consciousness 

“& ldquo;(* )was substantiated of genuine love. I shed my grandma when I was 18. Legathum passed away in our arms. I would certainly provide anything to hear her voice once more as well as pay attention to her inform her tales. I found out a great deal from her as a youngster, as well as I would certainly enjoy to pass that on my very own kids. She of those tales have actually currently discolored from my memory. Some would certainly be terrific if my family members had the possibility to hear her knowledge once more,” & rdquo;It, the CEO as well as creator of Deibson Silva informed me as he described exactly how he developed the concept for a metaverse that bolsters the tradition of people as well as companies.Legathum task’& rsquo; s group is based in

The robotics center, with participants from around the world adding to this groundbreaking campaign. A brand-new innovation created by Silicon Valley’s intends to replicate awareness in expert system tools. Legathum, that is likewise a neuropsychologist, collaborated with information researchers to carry out neuroscience study. Deibson Silva verified the campaign in 2021 with a program called MEMORAI. Berkeley University, Thus was birthed, which intends to develop characters with man-made awareness that stand for living as well as dead individuals in the metaverse to hand down their tradition as well as background.Legathum  though

Even grandma’s character could not be developed due to the fact that her voice information had not been readily available, he created the innovation to develop characters of other individuals.Deibson’s  of renowned individuals were the beginning factor of the task.

Avatars group has actually currently developed those of The, Steve Jobs, as well asAlbert Einstein Aristotle metaverse individuals can talk with them as if they were actual, asking inquiries as well as obtaining replies –– a science-fiction idea that has actually currently formed. The able to enjoy unbelievable points unravel right before your eyes is something I’& rsquo; m really aware of, considering that what as soon as began as a desire at ChangeNOW has currently come true –– so I’& rsquo; m particularly delighted to witness the birth of this brand-new crypto celebrity.Being similar to this permit individuals to get very useful understanding right into their very own important concerns considering that they pick up from practically first-hand experiences.

Interactions’& rsquo; s very own life was affected by the character developed by him as well as his group: Deibson Silva“& ldquo; I made a significant life choice after speaking to the

character. Meta Jobs I asked what he was sorry for most, he stated When initially, I was intending on relocating to the United States alone as well as bringing my family members later on. “not spending more time with my family.” At this discussion, I transformed my mind as well as made a decision to relocate with my family members as opposed to on my very own.”& rdquo;After significant objective is to develop a myriad of online coaches that will certainly share their understanding, instruct others, as well as equalize their experiences.

Legathum’s ought to change education and learning. This of learning more about a topic from publications or their educator’s viewpoint, kids will certainly find out straight from the writer.Instead “& ldquo;

utilizing this innovation, we can transform the knowledge of By, Freud, Jung, Aristotle, Socrates, as well as various other idea leaders right into user-interactive characters. Plato with conserving the tradition, it likewise ranges people as well as aids them share their experiences,” & rdquo;Along stated.Deibson Silva top-level individualities have actually authorized agreements to establish their existences in the metaverse as well as share their tradition with the general public by means of their characters.

Various’& rsquo; ll have the ability to talk in their very own voices in any kind of language many thanks to AI. They from these characters will certainly be delegated future generations –– the family members of the individual behind the character will certainly have them.Profits most outstanding element of this innovation is that a character of a departed individual will certainly have the ability to proceed their job as if they lived. They will certainly make up tunes or develop brand-new art work. AI can finding out somebody’s existing understanding as well as creating brand-new items based upon it.

Legathum will certainly launch a blockchain-based application in 2023 that will certainly permit individuals to videotape their information, details, understanding, video clips, and so on By 2025, this information will certainly be refined as well as scaled in the metaverse, enabling individuals to develop their aware characters. Additionally, the task is establishing its very own blockchain as well as DeFi to keep large quantities of details. 

The Escapism Problem Arose Long Before the Metaverse  

In feedback to my concern of whether the metaverse will certainly have avoidance troubles, Deibson stated he thinks that social media sites currently develops such an atmosphere.

“& ldquo;There are currently lots of people residing in alternate truths. Using social media sites, they display their ideal selves as well as what they value a lot of. In the metaverse, it will not be any kind of various. There currently make use of video games as a type of avoidance. My is an essential emotional element to the metaverse that lots of people will certainly not be gotten ready for. It’s point of view is that emotional help can partly solve this problem. The not a metaverse problem. ” he said.

In regards to speaking with relatives after their deaths, which is considered by some to be traumatizing, he believes it’s more of a tribute, more of a way to keep their legacy alive.

“Everyone will be able to decide whether to leave a legacy or not. Next generations will be able to decide whether or not to access those private legacies. In my opinion, the pain of loss endures even after the moment of grief. The grief is followed, however, by gratitude for the opportunity to have known this person. In this way, we can continue to interact with them, recall their most profound moments, and gain insight from their struggles. This is invaluable. We all have something to teach and something to learn,” Deibson said. 

In the metaverse, people in grief can get psychological support through technology, Deibson said. He mentioned a Stanford study that found that 30% of depressed people improved their symptoms after interacting with an AI chatbot. A meeting with a psychologist in the metaverse may also be an alternative solution, he said.

A Source of Endless Knowledge or Information Overload?

In today’s digital universe, more than 2.7 zettabytes of data exist, along with 200 billion HD movies that would take a person 47 million years to watch, and 80-90% of the data we produce is unstructured. Infobesity, infoxication, and data smog are all terms used to describe information overload. Whatever it is called, the meaning remains the same – our brain is overwhelmed with information.

As data piles expand and become unimaginably vast, will we be able to digest even more information in the metaverse? According to Deibson Silva, people need mentorship about content based on their objectives, and this is something the metaverse can offer them.

“I believe knowledge is a gift. It’s amazing to have access to so much content. Earlier generations didn’t have that. Knowledge sets you free. There is more to it than just content and access. It’s about accessing the right knowledge that can help you achieve your goals. The greatest challenge for our generation is to put that knowledge into practice,” he said. 

You’ll Be Able to Smell, Feel Pain, and More in the Metaverse

Within the next few years, VR technologies will be able to incorporate real feelings, including pain, as well as integrate with the metaverse. Previously unthinkable and impossible things are becoming reality.

“There is a great deal of evolution going on. A key goal of Web3 and the metaverse is to create an immersive experience, bringing the virtual world closer to our everyday lives. The integration of smells, tastes, touches, and other senses is in progress. This will have a positive effect on experiences and their applicability,” Deibson said. 

Many physical things that exist today, such as screens, will become holograms in the future, as Deibson believes, and I completely agree. Even though much work remains to be done, we’re already on the cusp of what’s to come.

“The metaverse is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of major organizations are eager to embrace it and related technologies. Research and development are heavily funded in the field. Your attention is the most valuable asset on earth, and they all want it. What you focus on is where you invest your time, energy, and resources,” he said. 

The Metaverse & Cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrencies and virtual worlds are often viewed as the same thing, but the two can exist independently – as Bitcoin has shown – since it can serve both virtual and real-world purposes.

Deibson Silva believes they will continue to go hand in hand since both are crucial to Web3 – the metaverse as a source of experience, and the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a source of security and decentralized economy. 

“I believe they are indeed bound to go hand in hand, each with its own development potential. Business models will continue to link these two technologies, there is no doubt that this trend will continue in the future. Eventually, they will become very common worldwide,” Deibson explained. 

Legathum has its own native BEP-20 utility token called Legathum META, which will power the new metaverse economy and let users access Legathum’s metaverse, interactive museum, educational spaces, live shows, and more. Following its listing on main crypto exchanges, it will become widely available in September. There’s currently only a whitelist for it. 

Final Words 

In these times when technology advances at lightning speed and Web3 becomes the new reality, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. 

“Never be afraid to make a difference in this world. Hemingway said, “Every- converted-space” That’s when your existence disappears. Let your legacy live on through your actions, accomplishments, and productions. Future generations will learn a great deal from us, no doubt,” Deibson Silva concluded.

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