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Partisia Blockchain debuts multi-party, zero-knowledge computation on Polygon, offering actual privacy on a public chain Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Partisia Blockchain’& rsquo; s brand-newUnified Smart Contract modern technology brings multi-party, zero-knowledge calculation to Polygon, making it possible for programmers to develop brand-new blockchain-based usage instances

Partisia Blockchain Foundation, an independent charitable sustaining the growth of the globe’& rsquo; s utmost zero-knowledge blockchain, revealed some interesting information for Polygon programmers recently. By incorporating its Mainnet v3.0 right into Polygon, the Ethereum scaling method currently sustains Partisia Blockchain’& rsquo; s privacy-preserving calculation framework, producing a brand-new kind of modern technology on the blockchain called a Unified Smart Contract. 

Smart agreements are programs saved on a blockchain that run when fixed problems are satisfied, and also make up the foundation of blockchain modern technology. Nowadays, wise agreements are either public or personal. While public wise agreements show up to every person, it brings about a great deal of personal information being disclosed, presenting an issue for usage instances that need preserving very discreet details. Meanwhile, personal wise agreements shield versus outdoors disturbance or harmful task, however they can not be conveniently investigated or validated by 3rd parties.

Partisia Blockchain’& rsquo; sUnified Smart Contract modern technology incorporates zero-knowledge evidence with multi-party calculations, making it possible for Polygon programmers to develop usage instances that need information discretion and also personal privacy while making use of a public blockchain. “& ldquo;The’combination of Partisia Blockchain & rsquo; s linked wise agreements based upon zero-knowledge, multi-party calculation opens plenty of brand-new and also interesting opportunities for all Polygon programmers,” & rdquo; declared Antoni Martin, Polygon Enterprise Lead.

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, ensured that “& ldquo;This modern technology will dramatically change the method services and also people connect with each various other.” & rdquo;Certain to contribute in the market’& rsquo; s future as programmers get the prospective to develop numerous Polygon- powered use-cases, the opportunities consist of:

  • Decentralized internet search engine –– Today, advertising-based internet search engine versions reveal customers to a disappointment, and also to the threat of coming down with click-bait, phony information, rip-offs, and also various other malware. As a choice, the “& ldquo;Better Internet Search” initiative has integrated Partisia Blockchain’s unified smart contract to serve a new, ads-free experience, and produce search results without collecting users’ private data. Encrypted data never gets decrypted, and any product information provided has been computed with MPC to be as relevant to the user’s experience without personal data ever being decrypted.
  • Monetizable data on decentralized social networks – In the short run, the better data protection of zero-knowledge MPC makes use of users’ most valuable but sensitive data in a sound and regulatory-compliant way. In the long run, this has the potential to change the power structures operating in the internet economy of today and allow for more competition on the application and service levels. A good example is the “Data for Good” platform designed to allow anyone to donate data without disclosing personal information, using MPC and blockchain to strike the right balance between confidentiality and transparency. 
  • Management of private documents and contents – The ability to keep aspects of the contract private while still allowing for public verification is crucial in cases such as medical and health data, financial identity or credit scores, etc.
  • Trade Finance industry and decentralized exchanges – The first large-scale and commercial use of MPC was a decentralized exchange conducted in 2008 by the team behind Partisia Blockchain followed by a number of MPC-based auctions within energy, finance, and telecoms. Partisia’s initial focus is on bridging different blockchains and allowing users to seamlessly move data and tokens from one blockchain and security paradigm to another. The aim is to increase participation in existing DeFi solutions and to lower the barrier to bringing DeFi to traditional markets. 
  • Private Auctions – With increasingly complicated supply chains and niche products, price setting and auctions are becoming an integrated part of many markets. In a unified smart contract, it is possible to keep track of buyers and sellers and the resulting trades while the bids remain confidential. Furthermore, the privacy aspect zero-knowledge MPC brings can also assist in eliminating the possibility of shill bidding, the practice of artificially boosting the price of an item through dishonest bids.


The integration came just days after it was announced that Partisia Blockchain Foundation appointed Hinrich Pfeifer to the position of Chief Operations Officer. Previously named Cardano Foundation’s General Secretary, Pfeifer’s vast expertise will play a role in the development of Partisia as he leads the Foundation’& rsquo; s quick growth to “& ldquo; supply the guarantees that multi-party calculation provides to various sectors.”& rdquo;

Disclaimer: This write-up is attended to educational objectives just. It is not provided or meant to be utilized as lawful, tax obligation, financial investment, economic, or various other suggestions.

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