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How to find out about the cryptocurrency pump and use insider information from the Telegram channel

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money, the creation and transfer of which is carried out by means of cryptography, using blockchain technology. Coins originally exist in digital form, which is realized through mathematical calculations. Trading digital assets allows you to quickly increase your income level. Over the past year, making money by investing in digital money has become quite popular and very profitable. The unstable rate of the cryptocurrency allows you to make a profit due to the constant change in the value of coins. The correct trading strategy on the Binance exchange provides constant, and most importantly, high earnings with minimal risks for the investor and practically no losses.

The highest trading productivity is ensured thanks to the Pump Signals trading information, which are regularly received by all subscribers of the pump channels in Telegram. One of the popular and trusted communities is “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance”. This channel was created specifically to achieve the desired targets and successfully organize a pump that can bring maximum financial profit for investors who trade on the Binance exchange.

However, to achieve the desired result, it is not enough to receive information and important information from insiders, you need to be able to properly manage them. Subscribing to a premium channel will provide you with a maximum of useful information and statistics that will only have to be successfully applied in practice.

Quick profit with Pump an Dump cryptocurrencies on Binance

What is a cryptocurrency pump?

Cryptocurrency pump is a trading stage during which the value of coins is artificially pumped by activating multiple buy orders. This increases the interest of traders in the sharp rise in the currency in the market, which attracts them to participate in trading. The main target is to sell coins with the highest profit for the trader. An analysis of the situation on the Binance exchange shows that artificial rises occur frequently, which leads to a subsequent dump (a sharp drop in the market value of coins).

Every trader who trades cryptocurrency on Binance strives to buy coins at the lowest cost, reselling them not only at a higher price, but also as quickly as possible. This is the main principle of making money on trading, as well as increasing capital due to the difference in the rise in the value of purchased coins.

The organizers of the pump have large financial reserves, so they buy coins in advance at a relatively low cost. With the help of trading manipulations, they manage to raise the demand for their chosen cryptocurrency. When the price for a coin reaches the target, a quick sale of coins is organized, and the organizers of the pump get huge profits.

For subscribers of the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel, 1-2 trading signals are available daily, provided absolutely free. They prompt traders to pre-purchase coins at a lower value. Trading signals pump contains the following data:

  • the recommended coin price for purchases at the beginning of the pump;
  • the cost of the cryptocurrency, which is planned to be achieved;
  • the recommended selling price of coins to avoid getting into a mass dump.

By following the recommendations from insider reports, you will be able to make substantial profits. However, it is important to properly manage the information that will avoid unexpected situations and financial losses at the auction.

Signs of a cryptocurrency pump on Binance

In order to recognize a cryptocurrency pump and not be at a loss, it is important to understand what this process looks like on the Binance exchange. The following phenomena will be clear signs of artificial pumping of the coin:

  • before the growth, the trader can observe the “flat”;
  • there is practically no trading volume;
  • in the first minute, there is an intensive increase in the value of the coin, for example, from 0.015BTC to 0.0220BTC;
  • after a period of about 1-5 minutes, a sharp drop in the value of the coin becomes noticeable.
An increase in the value of a coin within 5 minutes is very rare, therefore, on the statistical chart, one can usually observe 1-3 long green candles, which are replaced by a red period. Correction sometimes occurs, which explains the appearance of several up and down waves, medium and small volume.

A sharp increase in the trading volume of a certain cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange can be observed from the first minute of the pump.

Based on the above, we can say that those traders who were the first to learn about the upcoming pump are in the most advantageous situation. (they will find out about this after purchasing a subscription to the Premium channel for a small price). At the same time, it is not necessary to immediately strive to sell all your assets during the growth of the first green candlestick, because in the beginning it is rational to raise capital on a pullback from a price change.

How to find out about the upcoming pump?

Do you want to have up-to-date information about the upcoming pump and have enough time to prepare for a successful bid? To obtain the required data, it is enough to subscribe to the well-known “Telegram crypto pump chanel”. Information about the upcoming rise in the value of the cryptocurrency informs subscribers about a day before it starts. Also, the participants of the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel are aware of the cryptocurrency pair in advance, so they can prepare a link for a quick transition to the exchange and start purchasing at the appropriate moment.

Important information about the coin, manipulations with which is planned, as well as graphs of its technical analysis are distributed in advance in the channel’s feed. It is assumed that all community members are interested in profit, and therefore will actively disseminate information through chats, which will help spur interest from many users.

Of course, you can track the upcoming pump yourself, but in this case, it is most rational to bet on several coins at once that can participate in the rise. The main signs of an approaching pump may be “flat” and almost complete absence of trading during the day. However, the lack of accurate information from insiders significantly increases the risk of error. We wrote about this in this article “How to make money quickly on a cryptocurrency pump“.

Features of earning on a cryptocurrency pump: how to quickly increase income?

At first glance, it may seem that in order to get decent earnings on the Binance exchange, it is enough just to find out information about the upcoming pump, “go from the bottom and get your 20-30%” of guaranteed profit. The main difficulty for a trader is that it is technically very difficult to “go from below”. In practice, only a few experienced players manage to do this, so beginners prefer not even to participate in the “first green candle”.

Already in the first minute, many traders try to enter the market, as well as the bots of the “PUMP” organizers prepared in advance and configured to buy lots. Therefore, to be able to buy coins “from below” or at least in the lower 10-20%, a very quick reaction is required. Many traders only manage to take the cryptocurrency at the top indicators and wait with hope for the next impulse. However, the indicators of the second wave rarely exceed the candle of the first minute of the pump.

At the same time, the user can easily raise a small amount on kickbacks from changes in the value of digital coins, which will not be difficult to track. Inside information will help you prepare in advance for the upcoming trade, minimizing the risks of losing.

Telegram Crypto Pump VIP-community and its benefits

If you want to receive more than 1-2 free “Binance pump signals” for trading, then you should subscribe to a specially developed Telegram channel. This elite class community provides 3-10 coin buy signals to members daily before their value rises.

The channel also publishes reports with information regarding the achievement of targets based on previously received signals. Subscribing to the premium community will allow you to receive more relevant information and increase your daily profit several times.

Members of the VIP community receive the following benefits over regular traders:

  • daily receipt of 5-10 “crypto signals”, indicating the upcoming pump of coins;
  • the name of the coins participating in the “rise” is known even before the pump;
  • coins published in the premium channel are raised within a day or in a shorter time frame;
  • daily community members receive information on the range of favorable prices for buying coins for 4-6 purposes, as well as recommendations for their sale.

Each of the cryptocurrency pumps is aimed at making a trader a profit of 5-45%, and the targets are fully justified.

Why buy a VIP subscription to a private crypto telegram channel?

Before purchasing a subscription to a channel, it is worth understanding what exactly awaits you and how the insider information is useful. By connecting to the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance chanel”, each user is provided with 5-10 insider signals to purchase coins in anticipation of the pump planned by the organizers, for example:

  1. #SAND (where symbols after the # sign mean the name of the coin, ticker);
  2. Buy zone: 750-813 (this means that this coin needs to be bought in the range from 0.00000750 to 0.00000813 Bitcoin);
  3. Sell zone: 882-934-986-1038. Here are 4 targets, upon reaching which you need to sell coins at the price indicated in the signal.
  4. #SAND/BTC Take-Profit target 1 ✅. This is a report on the achievement of the target (in this example, this is target №1).
  5. Profit: 7.9012%. Profit obtained as a result of achieving the specified target, in percentage.
  6. Period. Time spent from the moment the signal was published until the target was achieved.


This is an instruction for using trading signals, which is posted on the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” Telegram channel.How to use Crypto Pump Signals


After overcoming each subsequent target, a quick sale of pre-purchased coins is activated, which allows you to get the maximum profit. After a certain time, a second purchase of coins is carried out, which indicates the beginning of the next pumping wave and the adaptation of the value to the achievement of the next target.

It is worth noting that the pump brings the greatest benefit only to its organizers and members of the VIP community, who do not even need a “preliminary pump”. All orders of these traders are prepared in advance and configured to buy/sell coins at a certain moment. Other participants have a real chance of getting 10-45% of the profit due to the price rollback.

Real Pump on Binance - PSG

By receiving a premium subscription to the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel, you will receive several signals every day about the upcoming pump. It is insider information that provides traders with the opportunity to fully prepare for participation in trading. To get the maximum profit, you need to do the following:

  • order a professional bot to participate in the pump;
  • place a series of orders as quickly as possible;
  • select suitable coins and place orders at plus 5-12% of the current value.

By subscribing to the Telegram channel, you can receive for free the minimum amount of information that contributes to making large profits and find out more detailed data about the VIP community. You can also read the reviews of traders who decided to purchase a premium subscription and personally communicate with other traders on Binance. To do this, leave your comments under this article!

Every trader who trades cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange wants to know about the upcoming pumping in the value of coins in order to make huge profits in a short period of time.

This article contains detailed instructions on how to find out when and which coin will participate in the next "Pump". Every day, the community on Telegram channel Crypto Pump Signals for Binance publishes 1-2 free signals about the upcoming "Pump" and reports on successful "Pumps" which have been successfully completed by the organizers of the VIP community.

These trading signals help earn 12% to 48% profit in just a few hours after purchasing the coins published on the Telegram channel "Crypto Pump Signals for Binance". Are you already making a profit using these trading signals? If not, then try it! Good luck and huge profits!

John Lesley

John Lesley is an experienced trader specializing in technical analysis and forecasting of the cryptocurrency market. He has over 10 years of experience with a wide range of markets and assets - currencies, indices and commodities.John is the author of popular topics on major forums with millions of views and works as both an analyst and a professional trader for both clients and himself.


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  30. As a cryptocurrency marketing specialist, I can say that 90% of the coins this tool works with have a positive trend since the beginning of the year. I have been following this Telegram channel for about four months, and in the overwhelming majority of cases it has given successful predictions. The annual accuracy is around 90%, which is pretty impressive. What immediately catches the eye is that while the cryptocurrency market as a whole remains in a volatile phase with less predictable price patterns, the channel provides accurate and reliable predictions.

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