How to find out about the cryptocurrency pump on Binance and use insider information from the Telegram channel

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Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money, the creation and transfer of which is carried out by means of cryptography, using blockchain technology. Coins originally exist in digital form, which is realized through mathematical calculations. Trading digital assets allows you to quickly increase your income level. Over the past year, making money by investing in digital money has become quite popular and very profitable. The unstable rate of the cryptocurrency allows you to make a profit due to the constant change in the value of coins. The correct trading strategy on the Binance exchange provides constant, and most importantly, high earnings with minimal risks for the investor and practically no losses.

The highest trading productivity is ensured thanks to the Pump Signals trading information, which are regularly received by all subscribers of the pump channels in Telegram. One of the popular and trusted communities is “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance”. This channel was created specifically to achieve the desired targets and successfully organize a pump that can bring maximum financial profit for investors who trade on the Binance exchange.

🚀A pump is an artificial pumping of the value of a cryptocurrency with an average daily trading volume📊. 👍A group of experienced traders and investors buys a pre-selected coin, thereby artificially increasing its value by several tens of percent. After the completion of the pump, such a cryptocurrency sells very quickly, thereby increasing profits for all those who knew in advance about the upcoming pump of coins. These are our subscribers to the 👑VIP channel “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance”.

Big Pump group - Crypto Pump Signals for Binance
Our team has carried out a number of tests on how to make money by trading cryptocurrency, and the largest number of profit percentages can be obtained through the organization and successful implementation of numerous “pumps”. After that, it was decided to create a 👑VIP community, where everyone, after making a membership fee, can receive information on the upcoming coin pumps on a daily basis. In a short period of time, our Telegram channel has become one of the most authoritative communities in the field of providing information about the upcoming pumps of coins on Binance.

‼️Our public Telegram channel is completely free you can subscribe to it and receive reports on ongoing pumps in real time many times a day⏰. In free puplic channel, we publish reports on the just held “coin pumps” and provide evidence of the absolute accuracy of the signals that were published in advance in our VIP channel for our VIP subscribers.

The most important update of the project allows everyone to earn money with minimal investment. The Telegram channel administration provides free signals about the upcoming pump of cryptocurrency tokens and coins. Now everyone can use free signals to increase their own capital and get additional profit. Each free signal published in the community makes a profit during the first stage of the pump of the cryptocurrency pair indicated in this signal. The period for reaching the first goal of the pampas ranges from one hour to two days. You can check it yourself without investing your own money. Just watch the reports posted in this community. At first glance it seems that this is a fantasy, but all the signals really work and bring profit to traders.

Here is a brief instruction on how to use free signals: As soon as you received a notification about a new signal in the Telegram channel “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance”, you must immediately buy the specified coin in the price range indicated in the “Buy Zone” line. After that, you need to immediately place an order on the exchange to sell this coin at the price indicated in the “Target 1” line and wait for your sell order to work, and then you can take profits.

real free pump signal example

All subscribers to our public Telegram channel receive reports with reliable data on the profits received by 👑VIP-subscribers through the use of accurate trading signals, published in advance before the price of a particular token increases. The reported information on profits for the past 24 hours is posted on our channel every day at 12.00 in accordance with the time zone of the time zone GMT +1.

Any user can double-check the accuracy of this data using a decrypted report for each specific coin. To make sure our information is correct, you can click on the “#” sign in front of the name of each token and go to the pump report for that coin.

A typical subscriber of the channel receives a screenshot of the exact trading signals used by VIP-participants instantly after a report on the pump of this coin.

The use of reports on the completed 🚀pump of a coin ranging from target number 1 to target number 5 will help you independently conduct trading and fix profits. This is possible, since we always open the values of one of the future targets for free, so you have the opportunity to fix a guaranteed profit.

Subscribers of the 👑VIP channel in the Telegram messenger have many advantages over ordinary participants who earn by trading cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange, because they always receive accurate trading signals published by our team daily in the VIP Telegram channel at least a few hours before pump, and this allows VIP subscribers to lock in huge profits. For VIP traders, the profit reaches 65% of the investment in just one digital coin.

Our 👑VIP channel in Telegram is intended for those people who want to regularly fix real profits by trading cryptocurrency. Thanks to our practical tools, the income of VIP-subscribers can be many times higher than that of ordinary traders working on the Binance exchange.

Pump report in Telegram channel

However, to achieve the desired result, it is not enough to receive information and important information from insiders, you need to be able to properly manage them. Subscribing to a premium channel will provide you with a maximum of useful information and statistics that will only have to be successfully applied in practice.

pump crypto in telegram

What is a cryptocurrency pump on Binance?

Cryptocurrency pump is a trading stage during which the value of coins is artificially pumped by activating multiple buy orders. This increases the interest of traders in the sharp rise in the currency in the market, which attracts them to participate in trading. The main target is to sell coins with the highest profit for the trader. An analysis of the situation on the Binance exchange shows that artificial rises occur frequently, which leads to a subsequent dump (a sharp drop in the market value of coins).

Every trader who trades cryptocurrency on Binance strives to buy coins at the lowest cost, reselling them not only at a higher price, but also as quickly as possible. This is the main principle of making money on trading, as well as increasing capital due to the difference in the rise in the value of purchased coins.

The organizers of the pump have large financial reserves, so they buy coins in advance at a relatively low cost. With the help of trading manipulations, they manage to raise the demand for their chosen cryptocurrency. When the price for a coin reaches the target, a quick sale of coins is organized, and the organizers of the pump get huge profits.

For subscribers of the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel, 1-2 trading signals are available daily, provided absolutely free. They prompt traders to pre-purchase coins at a lower value. Trading signals pump contains the following data:

  • the recommended coin price for purchases at the beginning of the pump;
  • the cost of the cryptocurrency, which is planned to be achieved;
  • the recommended selling price of coins to avoid getting into a mass dump.

By following the recommendations from insider reports, you will be able to make substantial profits. However, it is important to properly manage the information that will avoid unexpected situations and financial losses at the auction.

Signs of a cryptocurrency pump on Binance

In order to recognize a cryptocurrency pump and not be at a loss, it is important to understand what this process looks like on the Binance exchange. The following phenomena will be clear signs of artificial pumping of the coin:

  • before the growth, the trader can observe the “flat”;
  • there is practically no trading volume;
  • in the first minute, there is an intensive increase in the value of the coin, for example, from 0.015BTC to 0.0220BTC;
  • after a period of about 1-5 minutes, a sharp drop in the value of the coin becomes noticeable.

An increase in the value of a coin within 5 minutes is very rare, therefore, on the statistical chart, one can usually observe 1-3 long green candles, which are replaced by a red period. Correction sometimes occurs, which explains the appearance of several up and down waves, medium and small volume.

A sharp increase in the trading volume of a certain cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange can be observed from the first minute of the pump.

Based on the above, we can say that those traders who were the first to learn about the upcoming pump are in the most advantageous situation. (they will find out about this after purchasing a subscription to the Premium channel for a small price). At the same time, it is not necessary to immediately strive to sell all your assets during the growth of the first green candlestick, because in the beginning it is rational to raise capital on a pullback from a price change.

How to find out about the upcoming pump on Binance?

Do you want to have up-to-date information about the upcoming pump and have enough time to prepare for a successful bid? To obtain the required data, it is enough to subscribe to the well-known “Telegram crypto pump channel”. Information about the upcoming rise in the value of the cryptocurrency informs subscribers about a day before it starts. Also, the participants of the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel are aware of the cryptocurrency pair in advance, so they can prepare a link for a quick transition to the exchange and start purchasing at the appropriate moment. Here you can read an article that will explain in detail how to use information about upcoming cryptocurrency pumps to make money from an authoritative source of information that specializes in writing honest product and service reviews!

Important information about the coin, manipulations with which is planned, as well as graphs of its technical analysis are distributed in advance in the channel’s feed. It is assumed that all community members are interested in profit, and therefore will actively disseminate information through chats, which will help spur interest from many users.

Of course, you can track the upcoming pump yourself, but in this case, it is most rational to bet on several coins at once that can participate in the rise. The main signs of an approaching pump may be “flat” and almost complete absence of trading during the day. However, the lack of accurate information from insiders significantly increases the risk of error. We wrote about this in this article “How to make money quickly on a cryptocurrency pump“.

Features of earning on a cryptocurrency pump on Binance: how to quickly increase income?

At first glance, it may seem that in order to get decent earnings on the Binance exchange, it is enough just to find out information about the upcoming pump, “go from the bottom and get your 20-30%” of guaranteed profit. The main difficulty for a trader is that it is technically very difficult to “go from below”. In practice, only a few experienced players manage to do this, so beginners prefer not even to participate in the “first green candle”.

Already in the first minute, many traders try to enter the market, as well as the bots of the “PUMP” organizers prepared in advance and configured to buy lots. Therefore, to be able to buy coins “from below” or at least in the lower 10-20%, a very quick reaction is required. Many traders only manage to take the cryptocurrency at the top indicators and wait with hope for the next impulse. However, the indicators of the second wave rarely exceed the candle of the first minute of the pump.

At the same time, the user can easily raise a small amount on kickbacks from changes in the value of digital coins, which will not be difficult to track. Inside information will help you prepare in advance for the upcoming trade, minimizing the risks of losing.

Telegram Crypto Pump VIP-community and its benefits for trading

Cryptocurrency pump-and-dump signals are one of the most popular ways to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies. But not all channels that offer such signals are reliable and effective. If you are looking for reliable pump-and-dump signals, please contact our team of professional traders on the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance Telegram channel.

We offer accurate signals for cryptocurrency traders that allow you to make profitable trades. Our team of professional traders analyzes the market using various technical indicators and other analysis methods to identify the best opportunities to make profitable trades.

We also strive to provide our users with accurate information and an objective assessment of the risks associated with each signal. Our goal is to help our users make informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies and achieve success in the world of crypto trading.

Join our Crypto Pump Signals for Binance Telegram channel to get accurate signals for cryptocurrency trading, subscribe to our updates and learn about hot trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. We guarantee that our team will do everything possible to help you achieve success in cryptocurrency trading.

If you want to receive more than 10-15 free “Binance pump signals” for trading, then you should subscribe to a specially developed Telegram channel. This elite class community provides 15 coins buy signals to members daily before their value rises.

The channel also publishes reports with information regarding the achievement of pump targets based on previously received signals. Subscribing to the premium community will allow you to receive more relevant information and increase your daily profit several times.

Members of the VIP community receive the following benefits over regular traders:

  • daily receipt of 15 “crypto trading signals”, indicating the upcoming pump of coins;
  • the name of the coins participating in the “rise” is known even before the pump;
  • coins published in the premium channel are raised within a day or in a shorter time frame;
  • daily community members receive information on the range of favorable prices for buying coins for 5 targets, as well as recommendations for their sale.

Each of the cryptocurrency pumps is aimed at making a trader a profit of 10-95%, and the targets are fully justified.

Where and why to buy a VIP-subscription to a telegram channel with cryptocurrency pump signals?

Before purchasing a subscription to a Telegram channel, it is worth understanding what exactly awaits you and how the insider information is useful. By connecting to the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance chanel”, each user is provided with 10-15 insider signals to purchase coins in anticipation of the pump planned by the organizers, for example:

  • #SAND (where symbols after the # sign mean the name of the coin, ticker);
  • Buy zone: 750-813 (this means that this coin needs to be bought in the range from 0.00000750 to 0.00000813 Bitcoin);
  • Sell zone: 882-934-986-1038. Here are 4 targets, upon reaching which you need to sell coins at the price indicated in the signal.
  • #SAND/BTC Take-Profit target 1 ✅. This is a report on the achievement of the target (in this example, this is target №1).
  • Profit: 7.9012%. Profit obtained as a result of achieving the specified target, in percentage.
  • Period. Time spent from the moment the signal was published until the target was achieved.

Instruction for using crypto trading signals about pumps

This is an old instruction for using crypto trading signals in string format, which is posted on the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” Telegram channel.


photo 2021 05 23 13 55 34 - How to find out about the cryptocurrency pump on Binance and use insider information from the Telegram channel 3

After overcoming each subsequent target, a quick sale of pre-purchased coins is activated, which allows you to get the maximum profit. After a certain time, a second purchase of coins is carried out, which indicates the beginning of the next pumping wave and the adaptation of the value to the achievement of the next target.

The new instruction for pump trading signals in the best trading format looks like this:

Instruction for Binance trading signals

  1. #POLY/BTC (Binance) – This means that the information specified in the signal is intended for trading this coin paired with BTC. (The name of the coin is indicated after the # sign);
  2. (Binance) – The name of the exchange where the specified coin will be pumped. For convenience, we have placed a link here to go to the specified trading pair. When you click on the word “Binance”, you can go directly to the exchange page where the coin specified in the signal is traded.
  3. Buy zone: 1096-1125 – The price range in which it is recommended to buy the coin indicated in the signal in order to get a guaranteed profit when the first target is reached during the pump. The reports on the achievement of each of the pump targets are based on the values indicated in this price range. The price of a coin on the exchange is presented in full format (there are all zeros before and after the “,” sign) and at the time of the publication of the signal, the buy zone should be understood as follows: “Buy zone: 0,00001096-0,00001125”.  For the convenience of reading and understanding the signals, as well as for summing up the calculations of the value of the coin, we do not publish extra zeros. Automated trading bots such as Cornix read signals in the format we publish absolutely correctly.
  4. Targets from 1 to 5: 1077-1156-1244-1391. Here are 5 pump targets, upon reaching which you need to sell coins at the price specified in the signal. It is necessary to take into account the fact that after reaching each of the targets of the pump, in 80% of cases a “Dump” occurs. Therefore, after buying the coin specified in the signal, it is recommended to place sell orders in advance. For lovers of quick profits, this is the value specified in Target number 1. For holders, all other targets.
  5. 5. GMT +1  – time zone, in accordance with which the signal was published. The word “GMT +1” contains a link to the site You can click on this link and go to the site to find out the exact ⏱time in your country and understand the when the signal was published. This will help you convert your current time⏱ with the signal publication time (according to the GMT +1 time zone) in order to compare the data published in the signal with Binance. It can also come in handy for checking the accuracy of the signal and the correct understanding of the reports published in our Telegram channel.
  6. 6. 👉 Follow Signal 👈 – This button is for using the Cornix trading bot. VIP subscribers also receive notifications about each achieved pump target, indicating the period during which each target was achieved. This notice also indicates the percentage of profit when the specified pump target is achieved.

For example, for the signal specified in this instruction, the report in the VIP channel looks like this:

🔗Link-reply to the message with signal that was published in advance in VIP channel and the report of Cornix trading bot.

#POLY/BTC Take-Profit target 3.

Profit: 18.09% .

Period: 43 Minutes.

Explanations for this report:

  • #POLY/BTC Take-Profit target 3. This is a report on the achievement of the pump target (in this example, this is target №3).
  • Profit: 18.09%. Profit obtained as a result of achieving the specified target, in percentage.
  • Period. Time from the moment the signal was published in the VIP channel until the target № 3 was achieved.

Telegram - Report and Proof of pump POLY coin on Binance

It is worth noting that the altcoin pump brings the greatest benefit only to its organizers and members of the VIP community, who do not even need a “preliminary pump”. All orders of these traders are prepared in advance and configured to buy/sell coins at a certain moment. Other participants have a real chance of getting 10-45% of the profit due to the price rollback.

By receiving a Premium subscription to the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” channel, you will receive several signals every day about the upcoming pump. It is insider information that provides traders with the opportunity to fully prepare for participation in trading.

Unfortunately, this opportunity can only be used by people who have sufficiently large financial reserves, which at the same time allow them to buy a subscription to a Telegram channel with signals and have money to buy coins using these signals. Only in this case, you can safely multiply your capital several times a month.

Our subscribers asked a question that they want to receive signals paired with the dollar, and not just with bitcoin. For most traders, this is a more convenient method of trading and calculating, which is necessary when placing orders and taking profits!

Our team of professional traders analyzes the market and generates signals to help you make informed trading decisions. We provide our users with free and accurate trading signals that allow them to make profitable trades. Join our platform to receive free signals, subscribe to our updates and learn about hot trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. Our main target is to help traders achieve success in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

We did it and invite you to test the free channel Crypto Pump Signals for Binance in USDT.

You can study the statistics and find detailed reports on coin pumps that took place, as well as evaluate the scale of profit received by the VIP group subscribers. To do this, follow the link in the Telegram application and select the period which you are interested in. The report looks like a list of crypto-tokens indicating the amount of profit received as a percentage and the period for achieving the target of pumping the value of the token. To check the accuracy of this information for each coin from the list, you need to click on the “# symbol” in front of the name of this token, and in the search field that opens for this tag, you can scroll up and find the information you need.

By subscribing to the Telegram channel, you can receive for free the minimum amount of information that contributes to making large profits and find out more detailed data about the VIP community. You can also read the reviews of traders who decided to purchase a premium subscription and personally communicate with other traders on Binance. To do this, leave your comments under this article!

Every trader who trades cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange wants to know about the upcoming pumping in the value of coins in order to make huge profits in a short period of time.
This article contains instructions on how to find out when and which coin will participate in the next “Pump”. Every day, the community on Telegram channel Crypto Pump Signals for Binance publishes 10 free signals about the upcoming “Pump” and reports on successful “Pumps” which have been successfully completed by the organizers of the VIP community.
Watch a video on how to find out about the upcoming cryptocurrency pump and earn huge profits.
These trading signals help earn huge profit in just a few hours after purchasing the coins published on the Telegram channel.Are you already making a profit using these trading signals? If not, then try it!We wish you good luck in trading cryptocurrency and wish to receive the same profit as VIP subscribers of the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance channel.
John Lesley/ author of the article

John Lesley is an experienced trader specializing in technical analysis and forecasting of the cryptocurrency market. He has over 10 years of experience with a wide range of markets and assets - currencies, indices and commodities.John is the author of popular topics on major forums with millions of views and works as both an analyst and a professional trader for both clients and himself.

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    I have followed the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance signals over the past 2 months and have been impressed, but the only thing stopping me from subscribing is that the earnings results shown are overpriced. The channel shows the profit based on the peak price reached when the actual profit meets the targets set by your own forecast. This is misleading to people, at least a minimum and maximum profit range should be shown. I propose to slightly correct this point. In the meantime, I’ll work on free signals, since they also bring good profit.

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    Yesterday I received such information in the channel.
    #ORN (Binance)
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    I’m still afraid of putting so much money into a subscription that until I read this article I doubted there really was a vip and premium group, as I already paid a week subscription and was then blocked from the channel for breaking the rules and spreading signals to other people. But I believe that this channel is indeed reliable, as I’ve been following it for two months free and the pumps actually occur.

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    Here’s a quick overview of my experience with Crypto Pump Signals for Binance:

    • signals are given at the ideal moment, so there is a rapid increase in profits;
    • professional approach to the client: dedicated bots, the ability to use codes that give the right to receive a discount on the subscription;
    • There is an opportunity to receive money for attracting members to the VIP channel (10% of the subscription price, which was bought by the trader you attracted);
    • the best support for my questions: the guys answered all my questions when the most tricky questions arose.
    To summarize, we can say that this is a very good community with excellent technical support available 24/7/365. The guys from the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance channel are not magicians, so yes, their signals are sometimes wrong, some pumps fail for reasons beyond their control.
    This is the most honest and accurate channel that I have found on the Internet. They are very responsive and knowledgeable in trading. Best premium channel for crypto traders due to high analysis of coin value and full detailed explanation before making any trade. The staff are very friendly and a great helper. Recently, a bot was connected, which makes it possible to receive signals about upcoming coin pumps in different languages ​​of the World. Even for those traders who have a high level of knowledge of the English language, it is still more pleasant to receive and read information on the Telegram channel in their native language.
    The most important thing is that the information that is published on the channel can be trusted and used in trade (unlike the fraudulent brothers who advertise the Crypto Pump Island channel, which is a real deception of people. As many people now call it “SCAM”).

  48. Leon Raiberthorn

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    I started using paid signals a week ago. I chose this telegram channel based on past results, which seemed honest to me, because it has both victories and sometimes defeats. Now I see that there are sometimes losses here, but the strategy makes more money on the wins. They don’t send signals when the market is unpredictable, so they don’t take big risks. Crypto Pump Signals for Binance is a very customer friendly channel as the support team answers all your questions, the user interface is simple yet reliable. The paid channel does send out lucrative signals a lot, and the user interface allows you to do a lot of things, and you can also access from anywhere, whatever you need. 10/10 points, I recommend!

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    The first month of working with free signals – everything is fine. I see no problem understanding the signals and the return on investment is satisfactory. I analyzed the information and waited for the results a little time to find out about their effectiveness of signals and then purchased a paid subscription to multiply the profit several times. Everything is good at the moment.

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    The option of trading with paid signals of this group is the best. All signals come in advance. You make money by doing absolutely nothing. Fantastic solution for me when I have little free time during the day. I like that in my VIP channel there are no unnecessary pictures with charts, lines, indicators that I am not interested in when buying coins. I only get ready-to-trade signals with specified entry and exit values. This is what I love about this group. I am a customer and want to be served. I’m not interested in graphs. Considering myself as a novice trader, I must admit that everything is completely clear to me. I know what to do and how to trade based on the forecasts contained in the signals. It should be noted that the effectiveness with which we are dealing, you will not feel in other groups. Everything makes sense here.

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    I can objectively rate this channel, because I have been using it for several months. I trade without Cornix because I never believed in tools that want to work with my API key. What can I say about signals? In general, not bad. Of course, there are signals that we are stopping at the stop-loss level, but this rather happens in each group of signals. I would not expect to make hundreds of thousands a month because that is not possible. I started with $ 10,000. Their signals over 4 months earned me $ 31,328. It’s not bad. Most importantly, the cost of the packages pays off every time.

  53. Garry Welnizer

    People complain about the pandemic disaster that they cannot afford to spend the extra $ 500, there is no job. So I read investment reviews, tried it with $ 1000. I have increased my funds to over $ 8,500 in a week, this is magic. Invest in your future, as I did. It was an incredible experience from day one! This isn’t my first time trading, but to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined. After long losses from trying to trade on your own. They made the whole process so easy and hassle-free! I’m very impressed! I will definitely recommend the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance channel to all my friends.

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    My tech support chat convinced me to buy a one month membership. The employee I spoke with turned out to be a very good customer advisor. He helped me in everything at the beginning, which means a lot to me. These are my first steps with cryptocurrency, and I was afraid of a lot. With the Crypto Pump Signals for Binance Telegram channel, everything seems clearer. In just over 2 weeks I received 65% of my initial investment and decided to double it. I am very glad that my account is growing.

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    I started trading on pump from a free channel, before that I studied cryptocurrency using indicators and trading robots. After a week of trading, the portfolio grew by 40%, but it did not always manage to close the deal, because the signal was published very late. I decided to purchase a paid subscription. Signals were more than 10-12 days, and not 1-2, as in free access, they were published every day. In 2 months, it turned out to increase my investment portfolio by 740%, and I still had time to close all signals. I am thinking of connecting a trading bot.

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    During trading on the stock exchange, I noticed a sharp rise and then a fall of one of the coins. I studied this phenomenon, and learned about the pump, and that you can make good money on them. I came across a channel in Telegram with free signals about the upcoming pump of coins on Binance. I tried to trade using signals, it turned out to earn a small amount. But you can’t earn much on 10 free signals a week, I bought a paid subscription to signals, and was pleasantly surprised. Published by +
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    1. Idorenyin

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  60. Florian Linden

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    This service is an excellent choice for those who want to quickly and conveniently exchange their cryptocurrencies and payment systems for other assets at any time of the day.

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