AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows

Throughout the history of the emergence of the first cryptocurrency, many people have lost access to their bitcoin wallets, but at the same time, many hunters for lost assets have appeared. In most cases, full access to the lost wallet is carried out by entering a seed phrase consisting of 12 words, and there are only 2048 variants of such words.

It is known that many hackers still find seed phrases for both lost and active bitcoin wallets with the help of some tricks and simple programs with little efficiency. To ensure maximum protection of your cryptocurrency assets, we strongly recommend that you perform this simple action: when creating a new bitcoin wallet, use the “complete seed phrase with arbitrary user words” function. This will help you provide better protection for your wallet than using the usual “default software wallet” seed phrase consisting of 12 words from a dictionary with pre-known words.
a2r5d000003rtsgaaa cryptocurrencytheft istock 1195117786 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 11

We also want to draw attention to the uselessness of generating your own seed phrase, which is easy to remember, and therefore easily selected using artificial intelligence. For example, here is a sample of a primitive seed phrase consisting of the names of 12 biblical apostles. And there are a lot of such examples of “stupid seed phrases” consisting of 12 names or names of something in the World now!

The AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows uses advanced technologies, including cloud servers and artificial intelligence, to efficiently find lost (well, not only lost…) wallets with bitcoin balances.

AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows is an innovative program designed to help users find and recover lost seed phrases and, accordingly, access their and not only their bitcoin wallets. It is based on advanced machine learning and data analysis algorithms that allow you to efficiently analyze the known words of the user and find the corresponding seed phrases.

One of the key features of the AI Seed Finder is its ability to work with seed phrases, where some words known to the user can even be arranged in random order. This greatly simplifies the process of finding and recovering seed phrases, even if they were memorized or written in the wrong order.

To achieve more accurate search results, the user must provide the bitcoin wallet address associated with the searched seed phrase. This allows the program to refine the results and provide more relevant and accurate data.

AI Seed Phrase Finder tool provides a reliable and efficient tool for users who have lost their (and not only….) seed phrases and cannot access their bitcoin wallets. Through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms and data analysis, as well as cloud servers with high computing power, the program provides high accuracy and efficiency in the search and recovery of seed phrases.

Logo AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC

The AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows provides a fast and accurate check of a huge number of seed phrases for their validity, thanks to powerful cloud servers. The use of artificial intelligence allows you to optimize the search process by analyzing blockchain data and applying various algorithms and models. The program updates information about balances on wallets in real time, synchronizing with the blockchain through cloud servers. When it finds a wallet with a positive balance, it writes each wallet phrase it finds to a text file.

“AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows” is an innovative tool designed to find lost seed phrases for Bitcoin wallets using advanced artificial intelligence techniques. Using this program, you can quickly find the entire seed phrase for the Bitcoin wallet you are interested in, if you know only part of the seed phrase or part of the words that make it up (words can be specified in the correct or random order). To speed up the process of searching for such a seed phrase, it is recommended to indicate the Bitcoin address of the wallet to which you want to restore access.

The program operates in two modes: AI Mode and Target Mode. First is designed for mass search and valid seed phrases for Bitcoin wallets with balances greater than zero. This mode is also available in the Light version of the program, which uses minimal auxiliary computing power of the servers used to ensure the operation of the AI Seed Finder project. Target Mode is available to users who have a license key for the Premium function, which is used to search for the entire seed phrase for a Bitcoin wallet to which it is necessary to restore access, having only some part of the seed phrase consisting of several words in the correct sequence or part of words in any order.

The operating algorithm of the AI Seed Finder program begins with optimizing the process of generating seed phrases. Instead of trying all possible combinations of words from the dictionary, the program uses an artificial intelligence model that predicts the most likely combinations of words that should make up a valid seed phrase. The model is based on the studied dependencies between already known seed phrases and Bitcoin wallets, which reduces the number of combinations that the user would need to check when using the “classic Brute Force method.”
Further, the program uses parallel processing to speed up the process: the task is divided into several parts, which are processed simultaneously on different servers. This allows you to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a task and increase the efficiency of the program many times over. Optimizing the artificial intelligence model is another important step in the algorithm of the AI Seed Finder program, since the AI optimizes the model parameters to improve its speed and efficiency.

AI Seed Finder makes good use of pre-trained models, saving you the time and computational resources required to train a model from scratch. Pre-trained models are already trained on a large amount of data, which ensures high accuracy of predictions of the correct combinations of words in seed phrases and thereby speeds up the process of the program.

One of the key features of AI Seed Finder is the use of various algorithms and machine learning methods. For example, a program can optionally use genetic algorithms to efficiently explore the space of possible word combinations and select the most suitable options. This allows you to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time.

For distributed computing and running tasks across multiple servers, AI Seed Finder uses powerful frameworks such as Apache Spark and TensorFlow. This allows you to divide tasks into several parts and execute them simultaneously on several servers, which significantly improves program performance.

An important part of the AI Seed Finder project is the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) to speed up calculations. GPUs have large processing power and specialized capabilities for processing parallel computing. This allows the program to quickly analyze and process large volumes of data, reducing the time it takes to generate, search and check seed phrases for validity, and then for the presence of a positive balance in the wallets opened by these seed phrases.

The use of cloud servers is another important aspect of the absolute superiority of the AI Seed Finder program over similar software that can be found on the Internet and runs exclusively on the user’s PC (without the use of additional equipment). Cloud servers provide flexibility and scalability of resources, which allows efficient use of computing power to process large amounts of data. Thanks to this, the program can use a large number of servers for parallel data processing, which leads to maximum speed in selecting the complete correct seed phrase according to the user-specified condition in the search settings.

As a result, AI Seed Finder is a powerful tool that combines mathematical algorithms and AI methods, as well as specialized equipment, including cloud servers with GPU, to achieve maximum efficiency and high speed of searching and checking seed phrases for validity and for the presence of a positive balance using many simultaneous requests to the blockchain from different servers. This program allows you to quickly return the lost access to your digital assets, even if you know part of the seed phrase (for example, you only have half a sheet of paper on which the whole seed phrase was written down or if your part of the text of the seed phrase is damaged and is not identified no way).

In addition, the AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You can easily set up your search parameters and start the process of checking seed phrases with just a few clicks. The program also provides detailed reports of found seed phrases, which will help you better organize and protect your crypto assets.

This article is devoted to the content recently found in the Telegram channel about the announcement of the release of the full version of the program “AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows”.

AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows

2 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 12

What is very interesting is that the first announcement about this software was released on August 17, 2023, and on August 18, an unexpected collapse of the bitcoin exchange rate occurred on the Binance exchange due to the sale of a huge number of coins in a short period of time at a lower price compared to the average market value of bitcoin. This suggests that the hackers successfully tested the performance of the AI Seed Finder program and after receiving successful results from the program, they posted information about the existence of such powerful software. Further, presumably by the same hackers, the “lost or even not very lost bitcoins” mined by the program were successfully sold on the exchange.

And after that, on August 19, 2023, the creators of the software announced the imminent release of the final version of the program with a detailed video review demonstrating the operation of this unique software product.

Perhaps the developers of this unique software are quite involved in such a situation on the exchange associated with the mass sale of coins on the eve of the presentation of the program for finding the right seed phrases?

bitcoin price down to 25K usd at 18 august 2023

Our team became interested in the AI Seed Finder product and decided to test this software and understand its effectiveness. We contacted the channel’s telegram administrator and kindly asked for a password to the archive with the “light version of the program”, which is already posted on his channel. The administrator answered quickly and said that a team of enthusiasts had already been recruited for free testing of the “Premium version of the program”, and he nevertheless provided the password for the archive in exchange for our review of the capabilities of his program in the form of a light version, and not Premium, as we originally wanted .

We also asked about the idea and purpose of creating this interesting software, to which we received an answer:

“Our program already knows a lot… At the moment, it already uses the full power of artificial intelligence to generate and select seed phrases from various sources, and believe me, this is a very effective tool, since people’s laziness leads to the fact that most of the seed phrases generated by users in manual mode for ease of remembering (for example, the names of pets, the names of the first yachts or cars, quotes from books and films, etc.), are very easily selected by artificial intelligence. In addition, the program can generate “logically correct” seed phrases from the Electrum dictionary, and then check the received seed phrases for validity. The third stage of the program’s operation is checking valid seed phrases for the presence of a positive balance on the wallets corresponding to these seed phrases.

AI Seed Finder 1.2 light version has been able to do all this for a long time, and in the process of creating this program, we were able to solve the main problem: the performance of the software, and in this way, we found the only reasonable solution that became the basis for creating a “Premium version” that works “Well, VERY fast, thanks to the processing power of the network of additional equipment” to process huge amounts of information using the most modern computing processors. It is the use of a computer hardware network that is a decisive factor in the efficiency and high speed of the AI Seed Finder complex, but at the same time a very expensive resource for implementing the program’s uninterrupted operation on the computers of users and application testers. All this, of course, falls on the final cost of the “Premium version” product and by the time the program goes on sale, the cost of a subscription to use the “Premium version of AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows” will reach at least $ 1,000 per month. The declared effectiveness of the software will pay off within a few days or weeks, depending on the “size of the finds”, and in case of failure (which can happen with a probability of 1-2%), we will fully compensate the user for the Premium subscription. In this case, the user will need to provide the program operation logs from functional modules 2 and 3, respectively (seed-phrase validator and balance checker)”.

As for the idea of ​​creating a program, it is clear from its name that a representative of the software developer told us in correspondence and added:

“Recovering lost coins over the years of bitcoin’s existence is a deed that deserves praise, since the coins found, considered lost forever, can now again participate in the total turnover of all mined bitcoins out of 21 million possible.” As for the question about found seed phrases for not lost wallets, this is a kind of lesson for lazy users using “stupid word combinations” to generate their own seed phrase or the standard length of 12 words. Use longer seed phrases, extended with a custom set of words, to save your digital assets. The time will come and we, perhaps very soon, will agree on the lease of, for example, decommissioned military super-computers or other modern computing equipment, and then it will be possible to enumerate seed phrases even from 24 words. It’s only a matter of time and there are already many ideas and options”.

Short review of AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows

Well, we received the key to the light version of AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows and when starting the program, she offered us to go through the registration procedure, where we had to come up with our username and password, after entering which the program offered to enter the key for the Premium version, but we, of course, not having this key, chose to use the “light version” of the program.

3 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 13

4 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 14

5 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 15

6 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 16

7 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 17

So, after starting the program, the download immediately began, some databases necessary for the operation of the software and a connection was made to the AI servers. As soon as the loading progress line reached 100%, the script execution immediately began in window 1, and then in window number 2. The speed of the program is quite fast, judging by the speed of line enumeration and the counter of program results in windows 1 and 2. Through a few minutes of the application’s operation, we noticed a significant load on our computer, on which the application was tested.

8 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 18

Now we will try to understand the interface and features of the AI Seed Finder program, so let’s understand the purpose of the following buttons and drop-down menus:

  1. Project: here we found 2 sections to open and save the project. Why this is done is clear to anyone and does not need to be explained.
  2. Settings. There are 3 inactive items here, probably the settings are available only for the Premium version.
  3. Help. In this menu item, you can read the instructions on the principle of the program, change the password (but not the login), change the interface language and familiarize yourself with the changes made to each new release of the program.
  4. Start/Stop. These buttons are used as it is clear from the name of the functions for their intended purpose.
  5. Open. This button is present next to each of the three windows of the program and is designed to quickly view and open the database obtained as a result of the program in a text editor (in a regular Windows notepad). For example, we needed this button to find a specific seed phrase and thereby check the functionality of module number 2 of the program: the validator. But we will talk about this a little later.

In principle, according to the purpose of the buttons and menu options, everything is clear at a glance. The program interface is simple and at the same time very user-friendly.

Checking the work of Artificial Intelligence in AI Seed Finder

We were very interested to see how the AI Seed Finder can use artificial intelligence to find seed phrases for wallets created by “a lazy way to remember the order of the right words.”
To do this, we turned off the program. We created 2 “stupid wallets” in the Electrum app and decided to test how quickly the AI Seed Finder finds seed phrases for these wallets. To test the work of artificial intelligence in the software, we decided to create 2 wallets based on 12 easy-to-remember user phrases. The first thing that came to my mind was to choose the names of the planets of the solar system and add a control word for the checksum to the words using this well-known algorithm.

Algorithm for generating a secure seed phrase:

The entropy size is always a multiple of 32 bits. Every 32 bits of entropy is three 11-bit words of seed.

Additional “extra” bits are check bits (some number of first bits from the hash (SHA 256) of the entropy), they are added to the entropy (concatenation).

Those. for 128-bit entropy, 12 seed words are used, these are 132 bits (of which 128 bits are entropy, 4 bits are check bits).

For 256-bit entropy, 24 seed words are used, these are 264 bits (of which 256 bits are entropy, 8 bits are check bits).

Now practice (consider an example with a seed of 24 words).

Let’s say you chose random (as far as possible) 23 seed words. From the dictionary we take the serial numbers of these words (counting starts from zero).

We translate these serial numbers into the binary number system (do not forget that each word is 11 binary characters, so if there are not enough characters, then we add the missing number of zeros in front).

We got a string of 253 binary characters. Before 256 bits, three characters are missing, so we add any three (random) characters.
This is how we got our 256-bit entropy in binary form. Convert it to hex. To do this, we sequentially replace:

“0000” to “0”
“0001” to “1”
“0010” to “2”
“1110” to “E”
“1111” to “F”

Thus we have 64 hex characters of our entropy. Next, we calculate a hash from it (SHA 256) and take the first two characters. This will be our test 8 bits.

We translate them back into binary format and add them to our three random bits that we added to the entropy.

So we got 11 bits of our last 24th word. We translate them into the decimal number system and get the ordinal number of our word. Well, in the dictionary we find the word itself (do not forget that the countdown in the dictionary starts from zero).

electrum seed with planets names

We opened electrum and chose the option to create a new wallet or restore an existing one using a seed phrase:

“mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune”

The next planet name we wanted to use for the seed was makeake, but on the “m” the seed was valid and ready to use.

Background information, for those who are not particularly versed in astronomy and why we chose the name of the next planet when creating the seed phrase for the letter “M”:
Makemake is a dwarf planet in the solar system. Refers to trans-Neptunian objects, plutoids. It is the largest known classical Kuiper belt object.

Also, among the tasks of testing the performance of the software was the need to find a seed phrase from a wallet with a balance, using artificial intelligence. It is a phrase that does not consist of the standard set of 2048 words of the Electrum dictionary.

Considering today’s date is August 19 and the Church holiday on this day, the first thought that came to mind was to use the names of 12 biblical apostles for the seed phrase.
Using google, we found the names of the 12 apostles and started typing their names into the seed phrase input box in the electrum app. Nothing happened right away, so the name James (the son of Alphaeus), which already occurs twice in one line, was replaced by Alphaeus, since this logically fits more correctly and as a result of a typo when inserting the specified name, the seed phrase was accepted by the application, how truly faithful!

We found this text in Google:

The names of the twelve disciples of Jesus are Simon Peter, Andrew, James (the son of Zebedee), John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James (the son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot. (See Matthew 10:1-4 and Luke 6:12-16.)

lucky seed 1 - AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows 19

The seed phrase we received and accepted by Electrum is:

“peter andrew james john philip bartholomew thomas matthew alphaeuthaddaeus simon judas”

how software AI Seed Finder check seeds for valid?

We initially believed in the “AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows” program and donated a small amount that we deposited to this wallet, obtained from our seed phrase with the names of biblical apostles.

Now we run the software and wait for the results!

AI Seed Phrase Finder software test results

A few hours after launching the AI Seed Finder, we saw the result in the 3rd window of the program: the cherished seed phrase:

“peter andrew james john philip bartholomew thomas matthew alphaeuthaddaeus simon judas”

and another result that we decided to record on video.

Seed phrase validator (module) results real

As you can see in the screenshot, this wallet has a long history of operations and, judging by the date of the last transaction, it was used quite recently. The main thing that we managed to understand is that AI Seed Phrase Finder successfully found, validated and checked the seed phrase for this wallet with a non-zero balance and displayed the “seed phrase” in the third window of the program, which is responsible for checking the found seed phrases for balance Above zero. Also, the screenshot clearly shows that in the Electrum window in the seed-phrase view window, the found seed-phrase fully matches.

Bitcoin wallet balance checker module turned out to be efficient! Now it remains to check the generator module based on artificial intelligence and the validator, which should check the seed phrase for suitability for use in the Electrum wallet.

I remind you that we have specially created a “stupid wallet” with a seed phrase easily calculated by means of artificial intelligence based on the name of 12 planets of the solar system. Now our task is to find this seed phrase in module numbers 1 and 2. This is where the “Open” button helped us, which opened a huge file from window (smart generator) number one, resulting from the program, and also open enough large file from window (validator) number 2.

We opened both files and using the search function found the desired seed phrase in both files. It’s just super, both modules work flawlessly!

Seed phrase validator (module) results real

This concludes our review of AI Seed Finder tool and confirms the performance of this application in light mode. In a few hours of the application, we managed to find 2 wallets with a positive balance. Over a longer period of time, accordingly, more valuable results can be expected for those who wish to find lost bitcoins.

Now it remains only to see from the developer a detailed review of the Premium version, which will soon appear on the network and will demonstrate the high speed and incredible efficiency of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program. And we all wish to reliably protect our assets from brute force and intelligent selection with longer seed phrases using additional custom words!

We found new release of program and update this post.
Fourth release of AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows

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  1. Dorian Nakamoto

    AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows Version 1.3 released tonight

    Added new function: Search for a lost seed phrase using known 6 words in the correct sequence with the ability to supplement the search parameters with words you know in any order. Also, to speed up the search procedure, it is recommended to enter the associated BTC address (if you know it)

  2. Royako67Nilllz

    Third release of AI Seed Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows
    in telegram channel is coming soon.

  3. Anoubisun404

    🔍 “AI Seed Finder” is an innovative project that offers a solution for finding lost crypto wallet seed phrases using artificial intelligence. It is designed to help users who have forgotten or lost their seed phrases regain access to their funds.

    💡 Search engine:
    The AI ​​Seed Finder project uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze millions of combinations of words and numbers in order to identify potential seed phrases that can match lost access keys. This process is based on the principle of searching and matching seed phrases from a huge dictionary and known patterns.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) can utilize machine learning and natural language processing methods to efficiently perform seed phrase searches. Unlike traditional search methods that may rely on simple text comparison, AI can analyze the semantic relationships between words and contextual information, enabling a more accurate determination of seed phrase relevance.
    When AI is combined with a network of computers, the process of seed phrase search can be further accelerated. The network of computers can distribute the computational workload among multiple nodes, allowing for parallel processing of large volumes of data. This increases search speed and reduces the time required to obtain results.
    All of these capabilities are included in the “AI Seed Finder” program. It leverages AI techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing to perform fast and accurate seed phrase searches. Additionally, it harnesses the power of a computer network to optimize performance and expedite the search process. The program offers an efficient and reliable solution for quickly and effectively identifying seed phrases.

    ⚙️ High Computing power:
    The AI ​​Seed Finder project requires significant computing power to operate effectively. This greatly affects the cost of the Premium subscription! The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms requires extensive resources for data analysis and processing. We currently use a network of powerful computer systems, including high-performance processors and graphics accelerators, to provide sufficient program performance for each individual user.

    🔒 Security & Privacy:
    The “AI Seed Finder” project provides a high level of security and privacy. All data used in the search process is processed locally and is not transmitted to servers. This ensures that private keys and seed phrases remain secure and inaccessible to third parties.

    🌐 Interface and ease of use:
    The AI ​​Seed Finder project provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to easily interact with the system. Users can enter some key data and search parameters and then start the analysis process. Search results are displayed in a clear text format in the notepad application, making access recovery more convenient and efficient.

    🔄 Continuous development:
    The “AI Seed Finder” team is constantly working on improving the project and expanding its capabilities. New algorithms and data processing methods are being introduced to improve the accuracy and efficiency of searching for lost seed phrases. This ensures continuous improvement of the design and satisfaction of user needs.

    💻 Technical requirements and support:
    The “AI Seed Finder” project is available for use on various platforms and devices. It supports a wide range of crypto wallets and uses standard seed formats. The project team provides user support and is ready to answer questions and help in case of problems.

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